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Psychiatric Consultations

Although Dr. Alfonso  offers effective psychotherapy treatment to all patients,  he also provides expert psychopharmacological consultations for persons with treatment resistant depressive and anxiety disorders.


Psychiatric consultations usually take place when persons are experiencing great turmoil. Symptomatic improvement occurs  once crises are averted and stressors dealt with creatively and collaboratively. After a successful initial phase of treatment many patients decide to continue some form of psychotherapy, with or without adjunctive medication treatments, to dedicate additional time and effort to personal growth and efficient achievement of educational, professional and relationship goals.


Initial visits are scheduled for 90 minutes and follow-up visits for either 45 minutes or 90 minutes. Frequency of treatment varies depending on clinical need and personal preference; usually in the range of twice a week (for intensive psychotherapy) to once a month visits (for supportive psychotherapy). Once a working alliance is established sessions may continue over video to maintain continuity and integrity of treatment. Incorporating video sessions allows persons who extensively travel for work or reside in more than one location to maintain continuity of care.


Dr. Alfonso does not participate in insurance provider panels and his services are considered out-of-network. He does furnish his patients with billing statements with all necessary information (procedure and diagnostic codes) to maximize out of network insurance reimbursement.


Dr. Alfonso offers a courtesy discount to healthcare providers and their family members. Evaluation and treatment fees are standard and customary for a board certified psychiatrist-psychoanalyst with over 25 years of experience practicing in New York City.

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